Huber Window Cleaning

Guelph & K/W

This business carries this exclusive brand of excellence because they are the top-rated Residential Window Cleaning company in Guelph & Kitchener/Waterloo (Ontario) based on the best customer reviews.

Truly 5 star service. On time, on budget with no fuss or muss. We haven't found a better window cleaner in the last 50 years!

Awesome place!  Great staff in the office and the guys cleaning the windows are top notch. Will recommend them to friends and family!

The two gentlemen from Huber window cleaning arrived on time. They were friendly, polite and efficient. In a relatively short time my dirty windows we’re clean. They did an excellent job; I would definitely recommend them.

They found a way to fit us in during busy season. Polite and professional service and good value. Highly recommend!